DH Environmental has experience creating a wide range of high quality environmental drafting and mapping services to support environmental consulting projects. Aesthetically pleasing graphical presentations of geo-spatial site attributes is a significant element that pulls together the visual understanding and scope of a project. We have experience in surveying and processing field data into professional grade drawings, map figures, and data analysis reports. Our company provides accurate AutoCad drawings and GIS map figures for environmental consulting projects such as:

  • Stormwater control plans

  • Soil sampling plans

  • Contingency plans

  • Remediation projects

  • Site assessment projects

  • Hazardous building material projects

Figures include:

  • Site maps

  • Aerial maps

  • Site location drawings

  • Vicinity maps

  • Topographic maps

  • groundwater elevation contour maps

  • soil sample locations

  • boring logs

Figures may also include:

  • Former site features

  • Excavation locations

  • Boring Locations

  • monitoring well locations

  • Stormwater BMPs

  • Waste storage and treatment areas

  • Data set tables

  • Location coordinates


Soil Sampling Plan
Stormwater Control Plan
Vicinity Map
Hazardous Building Material Sampling

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In addition to environmental drafting and mapping, we also offer environmental drone services for numerous applications. The emergence of the commercial drone industry has led to more efficient and highly accurate methods to retrieve geographic point data, construction progress, inspections, and aerial imagery for obtaining current site images and features. DH Environmental does not use recreational or residential drones for our services. We utilize the latest and best of industrial grade drone technology and attachments. We have a FAA unmanned aircraft systems certified pilot and operates drone flights and procedures in accordance to 14 CFR Part 107.  


Environmental drone services include:

Geographic Point Data Collection

The accuracy achieved with traditional ground-based geographic point data collection methods can now be achieved with the use of drones and photogrammetry software processing to create high quality and accurate grids and 3D models. Drone GPS point data collection technology has taken full flight with the ability to capture geographic points with sub-meter level precision accuracy. While drones will not eliminate the need for highly skilled licensed surveyors, they will enable a significantly quicker and more efficient process to capture data, especially on job sites over 5 acres in size.

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