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Compliance Auditing

  • RCRA/Hazardous Waste

  • SPCC Rule

  • Clean Water Act/NPDES

  • OSHA/WISHA Compliance

  • Air Quality Regulations

  • EPCRA /TRI / Tier II

  • DOT Regulations

DH Environmental conducts environmental compliance audits and facility inspections for a range of environmental, health and safety requirements or regulatory programs. Audits are conducted in accordance with the standards and code of ethics prescribed by the Board of Environmental, Health and Safety Certifications (BEAC) and The Auditing Roundtable. 

Examples of facilities we have audited include airports, aerospace manufacturing facilities, maintenance facilities, fish processing facilities, vehicle dismantling facilities, university laboratories, solid waste facilities, airport tenants and aviation maintenance facilities, seaport industrial tenants and large construction sites.

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