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The Integrated Site Services program provides facilities with regular site visits by a highly trained team of environmental specialists. Site visits are are typically conducted  by a team of two, conducted 1-2 times per week for 4-hour increments. During this time, our Integrated Site Services team will perform a number of field duties related to environmental regulatory requirements and hazardous materials management. The specific activities can be tailored to the facility needs. Common tasks performed during the site visits include:

  • Weekly hazardous waste inspections 

  • Hazardous waste packaging, labeling

  • Hazardous waste transfer (i.e. from satellite accumulation areas to central accumulation areas)

  • Hazardous waste sampling, designation, and profiling

  • Records management

  • Scheduling of waste shipments

  • NPDES permit required inspections

  • Wastewater sampling

  • Wastewater discharge logging, recordkeeping, and reporting

  • SPCC Inspections

Our Integrated Site Services team will service you facility with the necessary equipment, materials, instrumentation, PPE, credentials, regulatory knowledge, and experience to help ensure your facility is in compliance with applicable environmental, health, and safety regulations. 


The benefits of receiving Integrated Site Services are multifaceted. First and foremost, we believe that the facility environmental managers opting for integrated environmental services can run a more efficient environmental management program due to time and resources saved by having a single point of contact who ensures that many of the time-consuming compliance details and waste management requirements are being addressed. This allows a facility environmental manager to focus on building environmental programs and policies, engaging company stakeholders, and planning for future growth and operational scale-up. Environmental managers who are bogged down with managing multiple contracts for environmental services and conducting day to day compliance and waste management activities (such as inspections, sampling, labeling and waste profiling) often face challenges with program development. DH Environmental seeks to build a level of trust with facility staff so they understand that compliance details are being addressed and waste is being designated, stored, and disposed of in a manner that not only meets regulatory requirements, but also supports sustainability and pollution prevention programs. 

More specific benefits of integrated services include the following: 


  • Level of training and expertise: The staff performing Integrated Site Services are thoroughly trained in the regulatory compliance nuances of RCRA and state waste programs as well as various NPDES, SPCC, and wastewater treatment related requirements. Whether conducting inspections, waste shipments, or more intensive audits, we believe in fixing problems or discrepancies “on the spot” to the extent possible. We strive to instill confidence in our clients so they know that when we leave the facility after each site visit, it is “inspection ready” for a regulator or corporate auditor.  


  • Continuity of institutional knowledge: The Integrated Site Services staff serve as aggregators of data and knowledge applicable to efficient waste management and compliance strategies.  

  • Responsiveness to emerging needs: By providing integrated environmental services, our team will be well suited to respond to emerging needs with solutions that align with the organizational program goals and facility nuances. Solutions can be implemented without having to overcome learning curves or historical context.  

  • Continual process improvement: By providing Integrated Site Services, continual process improvement is enabled by having the ability to change or improve upon more aspects of the waste management and compliance program.

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Benefits of Integrated Site Services

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