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Hazardous Waste Management and Compliance

DH Environmental, Inc. specializes in helping hazardous waste generators comply with RCRA and the WA State Dangerous Waste Regulations (WAC 173-303). Our chemists and compliance specialists provide hands-on, proactive services to keep your facility in compliance. Whether you are responding to a “Notice to Comply” issued by EPA or the Department of Ecology, or you just need facility support with inspections, waste handling or coordinating waste shipments, we have the training, certifications and experience to ensure you are managing your waste properly and taking advantage of any regulatory exemptions that apply to disposal and recycling of your waste streams.

While our focus is facility compliance and on-site operations, our staff works extensively with regional and national transportation and disposal vendors. Our relationships with disposal facilities enables us with the knowledge and contacts to efficiently support transportation and disposal operations.

Our hazardous waste training programs are site specific modules that incorporate the state specific requirements that regulators will audit during a surprise regulatory inspection.

Our services are focused not only on compliance, but also on helping generators maintain and/or decrease generator status. We emphasize real world solutions based on the chemical, regulatory and financial nuances of your facility.

  • Waste Designations/Waste Determinations

  • Compliance Audits

  • Annual Reporting/Biennial Reports (Turbowaste)

  • Weekly Inspections

  • General Inspections

  • Compliance Certificates

  • Waste Profiling and Manifesting

  • Coordination of Waste Shipments

  • Dangerous Waste Contingency Plans

  • Pollution Prevention Plans

  • Chemical Handling/Waste Transfer

  • Sampling/Statistical Sampling Plans

  • Training (RCRA/DOT)

  • Development of Guidance Documents and Waste Management Plans

  • Contained-In Determinations

  • Facility Layout/Satellite
    Accumulation Setup

  • Secondary Containment Evaluation

  • Waste Tank Inspections (STI SP001)

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