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DH Environmental Staff

David J. Hill, PE, CHMM, CPEA
President and Principal Engineer

Mr. Hill has over twenty four years of experience in hazardous materials management, regulatory compliance and project management. This experience includes managing hazardous wastes for environmental cleanup projects, regulatory compliance auditing, removal and closure of underground storage tanks, cleanup of clandestine labs, identification of unknown materials, and managing project teams for government and private clients. Mr. Hill has over ten years of experience in the Pacific Northwest and has a synoptic understanding of regional geography, laws, regulations, and available disposal/recycling options. He is an active environmental trainer, compliance auditor and speaker. Mr. Hill holds B.S. degrees in both Chemical Engineering and Physical Geography along with numerous certifications and specialized training credentials.

Contact Dave Hill:
Tel: 206.293.3126

Scott St. John, CHMM
Project Services Director

Mr. St. John is an environmental and hazardous materials professional with more than 28 years of experience managing multidisciplinary environmental cleanup projects for private enterprise, and for government organizations. Mr. St John has participated in over 75 EPA emergency response projects involving hundreds of different toxic and hazardous materials that require many different methods of sampling, analysis, classification, transport and disposal. In addition, Mr. St. John has worked on major FEMA disaster projects. Mr. St. John is an innovative and energetic leader, skilled communicator and team builder. He is knowledgeable and skilled in working under various environmental laws/regulations (RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA, NRC, DOT, OSHA, 40-CFR and state) and has a proven track record of timely and satisfactory completion of environmental remediation and emergency response projects. Mr. St. John holds a B.S. degree in Environmental Science, is a HAZWOPER Supervisor and is trained and certified in all manner of hazardous waste/dangerous designation, packaging, profiling, transportation and disposal including WAC 173-303-070 training and DOT Triennial training in accordance with 49 CFR 172.704(a). 

Contact Scott St. John:
Tel: 206.327.0026

Travis Forslund, CHMP, CES
Hazardous Materials Specialist

Mr. Forslund has over 15 years of experience in hazardous materials management, environmental emergency response, industrial project management and regulatory compliance. This experience includes hazardous waste handling, waste characterization, hazardous materials transportation, waste storage and inspection. Mr. Forslund has extensive experience managing hazardous waste from chemical and petroleum releases and managing decontamination and cleanup projects.

Contact Travis Forsdlund:
Tel: 206.795.7092

Stacy Fox, CHMM

Senior Consultant

Ms. Fox has over 24 years of experience in hazardous waste management, stormwater pollution prevention, spill response, regulatory compliance auditing, construction oversite, and environmental project management. Ms. Fox has extensive experience implementing RCRA and state hazardous waste programs and assessing environmental compliance at industrial facilities. Ms. Fox also has extensive experience developing and conducting environmental training programs and has supervised numerous spill response events working with multiple stakeholders and agencies to coordinate cleanup. She also has wide-ranging knowledge of stormwater conveyance system management, source tracing, erosion control best management practices, Clean Water Act/NPDES compliance and has developed and implemented Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and related documents in accordance with individual NPDES permits as well as general permits.

Contact Stacy Fox:
Tel: 206.777-5159

Brian Johnson, OHST, CET
EHS Program Director

Mr. Johnson has over 20 years of experience in environmental, health and safety (EHS) program development and environmental project management. His work experience includes managing emergency response operations, providing environmental training, environmental sampling and hazardous operations, and EHS program auditing. Project experience ranges from over-water environmental response to upland responses including rail car incidents and energy sector operations. Current projects with DH Environmental, Inc. include numerous environmental training engagements, conducting hazardous building materials good faith surveys, dangerous waste management for a medium and large quantity generator facilities, multimedia sampling and business development.

Contact Brian Johnson:
Tel: 206.930.4043


Al Leiataua 


Mr. Leiataua is a Washington State licensed DOT HAZMAT driver with over 30 years of experience in hazardous/non-hazardous materials transportation and disposal, environmental emergency response, industrial project supervision and hazardous materials management. This experience includes the operation of heavy equipment and various vehicle to conduct hazardous waste handling and hazardous materials transportation.  Past experience includes time working for national emergency response and waste disposal companies such as NRC Environmental, Clean Harbors Environmental, Veolia Industrial Services and Emerald Services. 

Contact Al Leiataua:
Tel: 206.566.3293

Nathan Moxley, LG, LHG

Principal Hydrogeologist

Mr. Moxley is a Washington State licensed geologist and hydrogeologist with 17 years of experience conducting and managing environmental investigations, site assessments, and remediation projects. This experience includes conducting and managing all aspects of Phase I and II environmental site investigations, feasibility studies, and remedial evaluations.  Mr. Moxley is an experienced construction manager and has managed multiple remediation projects including large scale complex projects involving multiple subcontractors.  Mr. Moxley also has experience conducting and evaluating aquifer studies in support of Site assessments and water resource evaluations, and he is an effective communicator with both industry, regulators, and the public.

Contact Nathan Moxley:
Tel: 509.332.9281

Lacee R. Ostbye, CHMM

Senior Environmental Specialist

Ms. Ostbye has 9 years of experience in hazardous waste management, hazardous materials transportation and environmental regulatory compliance. She is trained, certified and experienced in Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance, multimedia sampling, environmental compliance inspection, and identification of unknown materials. Ms. Ostbye’s experience at Clean Harbors Environmental Services has familiarized her with the University of Washington’s Hazardous Waste Program and the program’s personnel. She has utilized the University’s unique waste tracking system and she is knowledgeable on its processes and guidelines. Ms. Ostbye routinely conducts environmental inspections for regulatory programs such as NPDES/SWPPP requirements and hazardous waste/WA State dangerous waste. Current projects with DH Environmental, Inc. include Dangerous Waste Management for a number of medium and large quantity generator facilities, stormwater pollution prevention inspections, and multimedia sampling.

Contact Lacee Ostbye:
Tel: 253.590.6603

Daniel J. Rohde, CHMM
Senior Hazardous Materials Specialist

Mr. Rohde has over 19 years of experience in hazardous waste management, hazardous materials transportation and regulatory compliance. He is trained, certified and experienced in hazardous materials transportation, UST site assessment, multimedia sampling, environmental compliance inspection, identification of unknown materials and reactive materials stabilization. Mr. Rohde has participated in numerous high chemical hazard responses to stabilize reactive chemicals and package for transportation and disposal. Stabilization responses included remote opening and stabilization of highly hazardous materials such as peroxide forming materials, picric acid, azide compounds and explosives. Mr. Rohde routinely conducts environmental inspections for a variety of regulatory programs including NPDES/SWPPP requirements, SPCC regulations, hazardous waste/WA State dangerous waste, and construction site pollution prevention. Mr. Rohde holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry along with numerous certifications.

Contact Dan Rohde:
Tel: 206.595.1373

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