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Selected Projects

USDA Forest Service- Index, WA 

Former Index Sportsmen's Club Remediation: July 2017

DH Environmental provided remedial services to remove lead contaminated soil from the former Index Sportsmen’s Club. This shooting range site was operational for 62 years since 1947 leaving over 4 acres of lead contaminated soil. DH Environmental executed the entire remediation process by conducting contaminated soil extent sampling, excavation, treatment, proper disposal, and confirmation soil sampling.

Confidential Industrial Client - Aerospace Manufacturing Facility: July 2015 - Present Hazardous Waste and NPDES Permit Compliance


DH Environmental, Inc. provides onging dangerous waste and NPDES compliance support for a Western WA aerospace manufacturing facility.The scope of work includes waste sampling, designation, transportation and disposal, and on-call compliance support. In addition, DH Environmental provides Industrial Stormwater General Permit (ISGP) support including SWPPP updates, quarterly sampling, and reporting. 

USDA Forest Service – Alder Lake HAZMAT Response: September 2015


DH Environmental, Inc. was activated to respond to a clandestine drug lab discovered by firefighters near the Alder Lake campgrounds near Eatonville, WA. The response team identified and packaged all containers on-site by HAZCAT field chemistry, excavated and containerized solvent contaminated soil, and collected soil confirmation samples from the clandestine lab footprint. 

USDA Forest Service – Cashman Mill Site CERCLA Response, Skykomish, WA: 2014-2015


DH Environmental, Inc. was awarded multiple Task Orders by the USDA Forest Service to respond, assess, characterize and dispose of over 45 tanks, vats processes vessels containing over 16,500 gallons of metals contaminated liquids, over 200 drums of mining waste, and various laboratory chemicals at a former mill near Skykomish, WA. In addition, DH Environmental, Inc. prepared and implemented a statistical sampling plan and implement the plan to characterize two ore stockpiles with a combined volume of approximately 1,200 cubic yards. 

WA State General Industrial Stormwater Permit Compliance Support: April 2014 - Present


DH Environmental, Inc. provides a national transportation services company with NPDES permit compliance support for a number of facilities in Washington and Oregon. Services include: SWPPP development and updating, stormwater monitoring, training, program auditing and regulatory support.

Confidential Industrial Client - Industrial FacilityWastewater Treatment Unit Operations and Maintenance Plan: 2013


DH Environmental, Inc. prepared a detailed Operations and Maintenance Plan to for a wastewater treatment unit inside a much larger facility with an individual NPDES Permit. The Operations and Maintenance Plan was prepared in accordance with specific permit conditions as well as WAC 173-204-150. 

Port of Seattle Terminal 117 Upland Remediation - Emergency Hazardous Materials Response: August 2013 - April 2014


DH Environmental, Inc. provided emergency and on-call environmental services to support the Terminal 117 Upland Remediation. This site was identified for cleanup because the upland property, river bank and sediments, and parts of the adjacent yards and streets have high concentrations of PCBs , dioxin/furans and other contaminants. T-117 was designated as an Early Action Area as part of the Lower Duwamish Waterway Superfund Site listed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under CERCLA). During the soil remediation, unanticipated drums and tanks were encountered. DH Environmental, Inc. was awarded an emergency contract to support the project with hazardous materials identification, waste designation, transportation and disposal support, and multimedia sampling.

Port of Seattle Environmental and Hazardous Materials Field Services: 2012 - Present


As a Subconsultant to Aspect Consulting, DH Environmental supports the Port of Seattle Aviation Division with a wide range of environmental services at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. This scope of work includes managing hazardous waste for two separate generator entities, compliance auditing, spill response cleanup oversight, underground storage tank management, environmental inspection and monitoring services for heavy construction projects and environmental training. The scope also includes stormwater pollution prevention services under stringent NPDES permit conditions and complex stormwater management systems. 

Port of SeattleSeaport Environmental Compliance and Management Port of Seattle, Seattle, WA: 2012-Present


DH Environmental, Inc. provides compliance support and field services to the Port of Seattle at various seaport facilities and industrial properties. The scope of work includes hazardous waste management, spill response cleanup oversight, compliance auditing, multimedia sampling, remediation oversight, coordination of transportation and disposal activities, stormwater pollution prevention and environmental training. 

NRC Environmental Services, Inc. North Boeing Field/Georgetown Steam Plant - 2011


DH Environmental supported Prime Contractor NRC Environmental Services with preconstruction submittals, sampling services and regulatory guidance for the North Boeing Field/Georgetown Steam Plant Interim Action project. The project involved contaminated soil excavation and disposal on property leased to the Boeing company by the City of Seattle. The work was conducted under an Agreed Order with the Washington State Department of Ecology. Chemicals of concern at the project site included polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), petroleum hydrocarbons and heavy metals. 

Confidential Industrial Client - Industrial FacilityShop Sump Closure: 2013


DH Environmental, Inc. collected soil samples, documented cleanup activities, prepared technical reports and coordinated with regulatory agencies to close a shop sump that impacted the subsurface with metals and petroleum and triggered cleanup under the WA State Model Toxics Control Act. An opinion of "No Further Action" was obtained from the Department of Ecology through the Voluntary Cleanup Program.

Confidential Client - Industrial FacilityMultimedia Environmental Compliance Audit: 2011


David Hill conducted an environmental compliance audit for a confidential industrial client with facilities in Seattle. The audit was conducted in general conformance with ASTM International Standard E2107]106, Standard Practice for Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits and the standards prescribed by the Board of Environmental, Health and Safety Certifications (BEAC) and The Auditing Roundtable. The audit included evaluation of facility operations with a range of applicable federal, state, and local regulations as well as applicable industrial best management practices.

NRC Environmental Services, Inc.Fuel Tanker Rollover Response: 2012


Mr. Hill supported emergency response contractor NRC Environmental Services with contamination delineation, excavation monitoring, waste designation in accordance with WAC 173-303, multimedia sampling, agency coordination and delivery of a remediation report for a cleanup in response to a fatal accident involving the release of 9,000 gallons of leaded aviation fuel from a tanker truck along the Interstate 5 corridor in Federal Way, WA. 

Pierce County Facilities Management UST Site Assessment - 2012


Mr. David Hill performed a UST Site Assessment for a 12,000 gallon gasoline UST and a 500 gallon used oil UST for Pierce County Facilities Management. The scope of work included preparation of preconstruction documents, soil sampling, and preparation of closure reports. 

Shoreline Community CollegeDangerous Waste Compliance Support: 2011 - Present


DH Environmental, Inc. provides dangerous waste compliance services to the college.The scope of work includes conducting compliance audits, environmental inspections, waste designation support, environmental training and compliance program development.

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