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DH Environmental, Inc. Project Services Group enables our clients with turnkey services such as hazardous waste transportation and disposal, environmental remediation, construction support and environmental contracting. Our relationships with regional and national hazardous waste disposal facilities allows us to offer highly competitive disposal rates along with a range of recycling and disposal options.

As a provider of dangerous waste compliance training and auditing services, we understand the repercussions and costs associated with an elevated generator status. Therefore, we make every effort to assist generators with proper waste designations, timely waste shipments, and ensuring all exemptions and recycling options have been considered that could enable you to manage waste in a manner that does not increase generator status or increase pollution prevention planning requirements. In addition, our team can assist you with identifying pollution prevention plan opportunities related to disposal and recycling.

Our Project Services Group is led by Mr. Scott St. John, CHMM who has over 21 years of experience managing multidisciplinary environmental projects for private enterprise and government organizations. Mr. St. John specializes in hazardous waste transportation and disposal operations and environmental remediation. Mr. St. John is highly proficient and experienced in hazardous waste logistics, high hazard emergency response, and supervising complex environmental projects. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can support your next remediation project or waste removal requirement with our in-house hazardous waste transportation and disposal capabilities combined with a strong network of teaming partners, TSDFs, and specialty environmental contractors.

  • Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal

  • Labpacking

  • Waste Brokerage

  • Waste Profiling and Manifesting

  • Multimedia Sampling

  • Field Identification of Unknown Materials

  • Open Water and Upland Spill Response Management

  • Contaminated Soil Management

  • Environmental Remediation Management

  • Facility and Equipment Decontamination

  • Facility Hazardous Waste Program Integration

  • Site Services: Waste Bulking and Consolidation, Waste Packaging, Aerosols Management, Battery Recycling Program Management, Site Setup and Layout

Contact Scott St. John, CHMM
Project Services Director

Tel: 206.327.0026


Investigation Derived Waste Disposal (IDW Disposal)

DH Environmental offers industry leading investigation derived waste disposal services (IDW Disposal). We offer an innovative and cost efficient approach to properly dispose of hazardous and nonhazardous waste. Our highly experienced team can not only handle the largest most challenging jobs, but can ensure you that the job is conducted in the proper, most efficient way possible.   

For more information please Contact Us.

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